Animals in Wire: hand-crafted original commissions
  Animals in Wire: hand-crafted original commissions

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Passing Time in the LOO on Amazon. The book governing our recent practice. In place of the survival manuals and autobiographies we used to adapt, this compendium of abridged novels, self-help bullet points, trivia and famous lives has provided our new reference point. Since the end of 2005 we have been steadily working through it's suggestions and examples.

Living Well on Practically Nothing Edward H Romney's phenomenal guide book for the poor, the frugal or those wishing to retreat from society. We've long been fascinated by it due to the uneasy mix of genuine, old-time tips on economising and ecology and then downright ruthlessness; paranioa, belligerance and scheming.
This is his webpage, with all his camera repair books too.
Go here for some sample pages and to buy it on Amazon.

Eric le fou The Frenchman who has 1300 useful items hidden about his person at any one time.

Martin Lewis The self styled 'Money Saving Expert'. claims to have never bought any music in his life.

The Instructables Online community sharing ideas and designs on how to make just about anything.

The Ball of Paint
A baseball that has been covered with over 19,000 coats of paint over the last 30 years.

The Big Apple Chorus
Please look in 'About Barbershop' and watch the Singing is Life Video.

Shelter Publishing for 'Office Fitness', 'Shelters, Shacks and Shanties', 'The Septic System Owner's Manual' and many more.

Make your own shoes out of car tyres

IceBlog The dairy of a vulcanologist based in the Antarctic.

Matthew Henson Dense, polemical site explaining the story of the black man who discovered the North Pole. Very passionate and argumentative. Hates British Explorers, especially Ranulph Fiennes!

Sound Formed in a Vacuum
The drop down menu's drop down menu.

We Didn't Start the Fire Transcribed lyrics to the Billy Joel song. Each person or event linking to somwhere else on the web. Apparently a much usd teaching resource in the US.

Paladin Press We once spent days scouring Manhattan looking for a book that these people published. Eventually one shop assistant quietly explained that as much of Paladin's output is based around knife skills, surveillance and lockpicking we were unlikely to find it.

Captain Dave's Survival Centre

Truth Be Told They Lied Article on explorers who may have fabricated tales of their adventures.

Start a Fire with just a Coke can and a Toblerone

The 255 Uses for Vinegar including sunburn, all purpose cleaning and punishing sassy toddlers. We have previously compiled this information into a short pamphlet, available on request.


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