4TH - 11th March 2006

Below are some of the first pictures taken of the finished pieces installed in the 'Gallop' Showroom space.
More images to follow soon.

Each sculpture was entirely made whilst bindfolded, then presented in the position it was made.
Even the hanging pieces were made this way, working onto a length of dangling string, hung from found hooks in the ceiling;
sometimes sat on the floor, seated or standing. The show includes just a selection of the pieces we produced in the space;
three each plus the collaboration on the Fold-up Picnic Table.

We also presented 'The Charter' (a PDF of which is coming soon) towards the back of the room
and the framed print of our staged Bonfire photograph (as seen on the index page of this website).

^Barry's seventh blindfolded sculpture in Gallop.Constructed from sawn pencils and glue gun and built onto a wooden tray, it was made after hours on a quiet night in the shop space.

^Barry's fourth blindfolded sculpture in Gallop.

^Sean's first piece blindfolded.

^The 'Bonfire Sports' framed photograph installed next to the structure built of sawn pencils. With our handout on the table.

^Barry's first blindfolded
sculpture. First drilling the
wood, painting it with an
unknown colour then
attempting to find and link
the holes with a pen.

^Sean's fourth.
(Detail of top)
Attempting to fill
in the whole
stick black.

^Sean's fourth. (Detail)

^The Fold-up Picnic Table we both worked on blindfolded. Barry seated on the far left, Sean on the far right, each working on their own half. It was completed over a 24hr period, we lowered a specially constructed shroud Sean had rigged up to cover the piece when we taking breaks.

^Installation shot of the room, As you can see the room has been tiled throughout, mainly with a wide selection of white tiles sourced from all around the UK.

^Sean's sixth piece. Built into the corner window of the shop front.

^Detail of the Picnic Table (Sean's side)

From our accompanying handout...

"This exhibition is the latest in a recent series of exercises we have undertaken derived from the best selling anthology
‘Passing Time in the Loo' (Compact Classics, 2003), in particular the chapter ‘Putting Spark in your Relationships'.

Our two week residency at Gallop has seen us use this text to generate a series of sculptures made without looking
(Do something familiar blindfold),
launch a new website www.homagetotheanthology.co.uk ( Learn a new craft, skill or hobby
/Go through your photographs; create captions for them and put them together in an album)
and produce a small photograph
set in the very same room (Set off Fireworks/Spend a Day or evening at the gym playing racket or ‘wally ball…)."


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